There are different types of signaling proteins within varying tissues, which yield numerous desirable outcomes. For example, some tissues, rich in growth factors, are better for joint repair or cartilage rebuilding, while other types of tissue are better for collagen matrix production or for intravenous use to treat chronic illness, inflammation or overall cellular repair within the body. 

Research clearly shows the benefits of amniotic tissue or umbilical cord/wharton’s jelly MSC (mesenchymal stem cells) versus MSC from bone marrow or adipose tissue.

The number of stem cells in our body significantly declines with age.

Young” stem cells (MSC’s obtained from birth tissue):

  • are obtained from non-invasive procedures unlike liposuction or bone marrow collection, which increase risk, cost and liability.
  • have a far greater ‘fitness’ level and therefore are able to replicate at greater and faster rates.
  • have a much greater and faster healing response.
  • have a higher proliferative capacity.
  • have a stronger inflammatory protective effect and a strong migratory ability toward the site of inflammation.

Stem Cells or Exesomes:

Whether we use stem cells or isolated exosomes for your treatment, your results will be very similar. The advantage of using this molecular structures and protiens is to gain the benefits from the mesenchymal cells, those are the ‘gold’, so to speak. These are signaling proteins that communicate to each other within the body. If you have an IV infusion of exosomes, these will go throughout your blood stream and have an affinity for the tissues that need it the most. If we inject these molecules locally, i.e., into the joint space of a knee or shoulder, for example, they will target the wound area and the repairing phase will begin and continue signaling to rebuild various cells or tissues, over time.

  • Obtained from healthy newborn babies
  • Cells are more primitive, metabolically more active, with faster rate of self-renewal, and wider range of differentiation
  • Secrete more growth factors, have longer telomeres, senesce (get old) slower
  • Lack the accumulation of lifelong cellular damages of adult stem cells, which have gone through oxidative stress, radiation, or other toxic exposures associated with living and aging
  • Highly rich in cytokines & growth factors, many of which are no longer present in adult tissue sources
  • Have more anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective effects.
  • Using birth tissue-derived products avoids invasive procedures involved in autologous stem cell harvesting, thus avoiding the risks of infection, scarring, and decline in a person’s own stem cell pool.
  • Even someone who is more advanced in age or more ill can obtain high quality stem cells to help their body heal and regenerate.
  • Allows for repeated dosing at precise concentrations in regular intervals to target various conditions.

Indications for Stem Cells/ Exosomes:

  • IV Therapy for overall antiaging restorative purposes:
  • enhances cellular function, growth hormone stimulation, increased protein signaling throughout the body, upregulating your body’s NAD+ availabilty
  • COPD/Bronchitis, asthma and numerous other pulmonary conditions
  • Joint pain, ligament/tendon tears
  • Residual chronic pain
  • Increases immunity and resistance to pathogens by signalign to various cells responsible for aiding in immune response (bacterial and viral infections)
  • Facials and hair resoration to induce new growth and collagen production

Are you a candidate for stem cells/ exosomes? Most likely you are. Therea are very few conditions that these signaling proteins are contradicted for. Dr. Shannon will happily evalaute if this is, indeed, right for you.

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