If you have stubborn unwanted weight that’s been hanging out for longer than desired, then perhaps it’s time to address it. Weight gain isn’t always about overeating; in fact, many times it’s not about that at all. The body needs to be metabolically corrected and that’s where I come in.

Detox, liver health and weight loss, how are they even connected?

Weight loss, detox and liver health are not just connected but rather they are intricately woven together to be synergistic in their roles and functions. 

One cannot take place without the others naturally being involved in the processes. 

By shedding unwanted fat tissue, you are naturally detoxing and when ‘detoxing’ (getting rid of unwanted cellular debris), you’re automatically involving the liver because that’s precisely it’s job, to filter out unwanted material from the blood to then be excreted.

Our fat cells are an abyss of toxins and exogenous hormones and free radicals that have been accumulating and residing in our fat cells for significant periods of time. These undesired toxins that stick around for years are called “persistent organic pollutants”.  In order to obtain optimal health, it’s imperative to get rid of excess fat tissue because our bodies aren’t designed to chronically hold on to body fat and the toxins that come along with it as this predisposes us for many other health risks. 

As we start breaking down fat, within the weight loss process, undesired toxins begin to fill the bloodstream, therefore making drinking plenty of water and flushing the system, while supporting the liver to help excrete and filter these molecules, becomes fundamental. This is where aid with detoxing and supporting our liver’s biochemical pathways becomes so incremental in weight loss. 

Dr. Shannon offers a variety of weight loss programs that are sure to improve your mental, physical, health as you gain strength and self awareness.

“The body must not be treated by taking isolated measures but rather by incorporating the mind, body and spirit into one targeted holistic approach. Then and only then, can true healing take place.”

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